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Eries, S. Q.
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THEATER equipment
DRAMA teachers
DAIRY cattle behavior
Source :
Cricket; Apr2021, Vol. 48 Issue 7, p5-10, 6p, 5 Color Photographs
Fortunately, the only one who has to remember the complicated choreography is Vijay's sister Priya at the dragon's head. We boys all auditioned on the soliloquy Vijay just performed, and unlike Vijay who nailed it, I botched it. Priya, Vijay, and I have done theater together for years, but while Vijay's won several roles and Priya's had some bit parts, I've only ever been in the ensemble. The stagehand signals us, and Team Dragon files onstage only to be blocked by Vijay, the lead actor. [Extracted from the article]
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