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Designing Strategy Agent Link Using SWOT Analysis Based On Business Canvas Model Service Company: Indonesia Company Case Study

Tytuł :
Designing Strategy Agent Link Using SWOT Analysis Based On Business Canvas Model Service Company: Indonesia Company Case Study
Autorzy :
Rismia, Eriza Nira
Syairudin, Bambang
Achmadi, Fuad
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Temat :
link agent
business strategy
SWOT analysis
canvas business model
quantitative strategic planning matrix
Źródło :
IPTEK Journal of Proceedings Series; No 1 (2019): 4th International Seminar on Science and Technology 2018 (ISST 2018); 136-139 ; 2354-6026
Informacja o wydawcy :
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Rok publikacji :
Kolekcja :
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS): IPTEK Journals
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article in journal/newspaper
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"Statements and opinions given in work published by the IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series are the expression of the authors."Author/Employer RightsIf you are employed and prepared the Work on a subject within the scope of your employment, the copyright in the Work belongs to your employer as a work-for-hire. In that case, the IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series assumes that when you sign this Form, you are authorized to do so by your employer and that your employer has consented to the transfer of copyright, to the representation and warranty of publication rights, and to all other terms and conditions of this Form. If such authorization and consent has not been given to you, an authorized representative of your employer should sign this Form as the Author.IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series Copyright OwnershipIt is the formal policy of the IIPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series to own the copyrights to all copyrightable material in its technical publications and to the individual contributions contained therein, in order to protect the interests of the IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series, its authors and their employers, and, at the same time, to facilitate the appropriate re-use of this material by others. The IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series distributes its technical publications throughout the world and does so by various means such as hard copy, microfiche, microfilm, and electronic media. It also abstracts and may translate its publications, and articles contained therein, for inclusion in various compendiums, collective works, databases and similar publications. THIS FORM MUST ACCOMPANY THE SUBMISSION OF THE AUTHOR’S MANUSCRIPT.Questions about the submission of the form or manuscript must be sent to the publication’s editor.Please direct all questions about IPTEK Journal of Proceeding Series copyright policy to:IPTEK Journal Office,Institut TEknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)Surabaya, IndonesiaPhone and Fax +62 031 5992945
Numer akcesji :
Czasopismo naukowe
OJK (Financial Services Authority) in collaboration with Indonesia Bank issued smart services and Bank XYZ (Persero) Tbk issued Agent link which is a non-office financial transaction service and link agent is an extension of XYZ Bank and XYZ (Persero) Tbk Branch X. Total agency x in 2018 as many as 57 agents. And the performance of link agents built by Surabaya branch X office for its transaction is low compared to the branch office built by Surabaya area office. This research is conducted to analyze the strategies implemented to help increase transaction agent linkage in Surabaya X branch office using SWOT analysis based on Business Model Canvas to improve performance in terms of several aspects and for decision stage using QSPM and the result with (TAS) on external factors is greater than the internal factor TAS, that’s means the right strategy decision to improve performance of Agent Link on Bank XYZ is by extensification. method it is expected that the company can use it as a foothold in deciding policy or evaluation of improvement on company

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