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Business and Bows.

Title :
Business and Bows.
Authors :
ERIES, S. Q. ()
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Subjects :
YEN (Japanese currency)
RICE wines
SUMMER festivals
SONG lyrics
Source :
Cricket. Apr2020, Vol. 47 Issue 7, p5-10. 6p. 4 Color Photographs.
Yukata are casual cotton kimonos. In the distance are two college-age foreigners: a coffee-dark boy in a striped yukata and a girl whose hair matches her gold chrysanthemum yukata. Eventually, Shiori says, "Eri, Rachel and Malik want to take a picture with us by the shrine gate". I've never offered dressing services at a festival before, but compared to formal kimonos, I'm sure adjusting yukata will be a breeze. [Extracted from the article]
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